Joe Ingles 18 Points Full Highlights (2/15/2017)

Jinglin’ Joe Ingles AKA “Slow Joe” AKA “Sloppy Joe” AKA “The Big Didgeridoo” had four assists and four steals to go with his eighteen points, but I didn’t feel like showing them. First, four assists is simply not enough. Second, I never show steals on purpose unless it’s Marcus Smart getting eight of them so that doesn’t work either. Third, there’s that YouTube channel that only does highlights of Australian players (you know who I’m talking about if you’re a true Aussie) and he probably shows all that boring stuff because he doesn’t have to worry about making highlights for the other 99% of players in the league. So that’s my justification, not like I need to justify anything to my subscribers in the first place.

Four three pointers is cool but the first bucket of this video really stands out. The Big Didgeridoo just uses his Didgeridoo power to completely overtake C.J. McCollum in a very slow, deliberate way. He should have done that more often (at least until the defense adjusted) because it was so awesome and hilarious. I mean, what chance does a gnome-creature like McCollum have when somebody who has flabby arms and looks like a taller version of your dad just plows right through you? No chance.

The Big Didgeridoo could have had at least twenty points if they had gone to him more often, but Quin Snyder wants to keep pretending that Gordon Hayward is the offensive centerpiece of the team. Just bad coaching. I think he hates Australians. How else would you explain Mack playing over Exum, huh? HUH???

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