Frank Kaminsky 24 Points Full Highlights (2/28/2017)

Take a look at the 0:50 mark of this video. More specifically, take a look at the clock. It’s just sitting there. Neither the game clock nor the shot clock are running down. Play continues like nothing is wrong, but something is obviously very wrong:

Frank Kaminsky is using his powers of chronomancy, or time-manipulation, to allow himself more time in the possession to get the shot he wants. And such is the power of his sorcery that nobody in the arena, not even his own teammates, detected him as he used the powers of his mind to alter the local timeline surrounding the court.

This is way bigger news than him scoring 24 points or the Hornets getting a much-needed win against the lowly Lakers. He used his TIME WIZARD POWERS to TEMPORARILY STOP TIME and nobody even notices or cares! Imagine if the Hornets somehow snuck back into the playoffs and he used his terrible and awesome powers during a game which actually mattered. Imagine if he gave himself a ninety-second shot-clock but then only gave the opposing team five seconds to shoot as his chronomantic powers sped up time on their end. The integrity of the sport would be destroyed.

There is only one solution: Frank Kaminsky must be banished from the NBA forever, and he also must open up a school of chronomancy so that underprivileged young boys and girls can be taught these skills and compete in the modern labor market.

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