Tim Hardaway Jr. Career High 36 Points Full Highlights (3/3/2017)

Seeing these retro Hawks jerseys (which are rad as heck BTW although the olive greens ones are raddest as heck) just makes me mad that I wasn’t around to make Pistol Pete highlights back when he was scoring 27 a game for Atlanta. I mean, I wouldn’t have even gotten to do the highlights because he was a superstar, and I would’ve been happily doing John Wetzel and John Tschogl highlights instead, but I would’ve liked to at least WATCH the highlights. Think of all the gnarly Pistol scoreage that is lost forever to the screaming winds of time, and try to not to fall into a huge depression.

Tim Hardaway Jr. scoring a career-high 36 is great and all, but it’s so MODERN. The retro jerseys don’t hide the fact that this game occurred mere hours ago. In 40 years, maybe this vid will be a highly sought-after collector’s item, but at this very moment it just evokes no excitement from me whatsoever. If you squint your eyes, turn on a grayscale filter, and pretend there’s a mop on Hardaway’s head, maybe you can convince yourself that you are watching prime Pistol destroying his opposition. Otherwise, rewatch that vid of him scoring 68 for the millionth time and wonder why you weren’t born 40 years earlier.

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