Rodney Hood 28 Points Full Highlights (3/5/2017)

I know it’s fairly early in Rodney Hood’s career, but I’m ready to issue the most feared declaration possible against an NBA player: at this point, he is what he is.


Granted, he’s had a bunch of injuries which have hampered what was looking, at the very beginning, to be a great season for Hood. Maybe if he doesn’t get injured at all we’re looking at a 20-ppg scorer. But even he was scoring that many, it would only be a result of a greater role and the attempts that come along with it. He is what he was in his rookie year: a tall shooting guard who can shoot the three and score pretty well, but doesn’t do much else.

He’s already 24. That doesn’t sound old, but it is. Trust me on this one. 24 with a history of injuries. It’d be sweet if he proved me wrong here, but I’m not seeing it. That doesn’t mean we can’t be hyped for when he scores 28 on mostly jumpers, but we have to remember to temper that hype with the reality of the situation. Sorry to be so negative, but I ate too much greasy pizza and I’m kinda feeling grumpy about it. At this time yesterday I probably spend this whole description polishing Hood’s knob.

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