Rudy Gobert 16 Points/1 Game-Winner Full Highlights (3/5/2017)

It looked like a goaltend to me. For real. Speaking as a totally neutral, objective observer. At least close enough to be un-overturn-able. I think the refs made the wrong decision reversing the original call. Straight up. I am not mad about it. I am just stating what I think.

Here’s another thing that I think: Rudy Gobert totally deserved to be an All-Star this year, and his absence from the game just proves how offense-obsessed the current NBA establishment is. Remember, I don’t even care about defense. At all. And even I have to acknowledge the immense value Gobert brings to that side of the ball. More balanced commentators should be getting down on their knees and begging Gobert to fart in their direction.

Third tidbit: I bet I could get a ton of dislikes on this video if I put the Game-Winner part of the title in quotes. Imagine this title: Rudy Gobert 16 Points/1 “Game-Winner” Full Highlights (3/5/2017). Doesn’t that make you mad? I bet it does. It would make a lot of people mad. Should I do it? All my vids recently have a really unbalanced like-to-dislike ratio. Way too many likes. People aren’t supposed to like things on the internet.

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