Rudy Gobert 23 Points Full Highlights (3/8/2017)

Question to the people of France: if you don’t care about Rudy Gobert or Evan Fournier or Nic Batum or Kevin Seraphin anymore, who DO you care about? The French aren’t the most nationalistic people in mainland Europe (not even close), but you guys definitely have some nationalistic fervor building up in your loins and it has to be directed at somebody. If not Gobert, than who? WHO?

Is it Nando de Colo? That guy was a nothing in the NBA. I don’t care if he’s Euroleague MVP of the universe or whatever. He is not worthy of the hype of the French people. Is it Frank Nkilitina? Maybe he’ll be good but from what I understand he’s not even putting up great numbers on his team in Strasbourg. Hype for him is hype misplaced. Maybe Axel Toupane? Actually I’m joking with that one. French people should be able to understand jokes, right?

Rudy Gobert is currently the best center in the NBA and it’s like the whole country of France is tired of him. If you are a French person watching this video, you’re one of the chosen few who still gives a damn about this stretched-out dude. Congratulations. You win the prize. The prize of staying put on the bandwagon of the NBA’s premier shot-blocker and salute-saluter.

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