Jordan Clarkson 30 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (3/12/2017)

The Lakers have had a lot of turnover the last few years. I was pretty sure Jordan Clarkson was the longest-tenured Laker on the roster, but I was totally wrong: Nick Young has him beat by one year. Still, Clarkson has to be considered one of the Lakers’ core pieces at this point, since they’ve get him around now for three whole seasons without even trading or waiving him. Just like Tarik Black, who may or may not be a core piece.

Clarkson is basically the same dude he was last year, except instead of starting almost all the games he gets to start almost none of them, and, accordingly, his minutes have gone down slightly. Otherwise, he’s probably what he is at this point.

Another difference is that I was doing a bunch of Clarkson vids last year, and almost none this year. I have a reason! And it’s not only because I am becoming increasingly jealous of the warm L.A. weather that he gets to experience on a regular basis. Well, that’s mainly it. How am I supposed to find enjoyment in life if, as of RIGHT NOW, MARCH 2017, it is snowing and all the booties I see are covered in a bajillion layers of winter attire? Frickin’ Clarkson. He doesn’t know how good he has it.

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