Rudy Gobert 20 Points Full Highlights (3/16/2017)

Like many other centers whose last names don’t end with “-okic”, Rudy Gobert is a constant double-double threat, but a negligible triple-double threat. In a league where triple-doubles are such a common occurrence that nobody even cares that Elfrid Payton had two of them in a row, this is unfortunate. Let’s put it this way: if Gobert got enough assists or blocks to be a consistent triple-double threat, he would be unanimous first-team all-NBA this year. He would also be in the MVP race. But since he will usually only get two assists and two blocks in an average game, he won’t get even one MVP vote. Not even one. Except from that homer Matt Harpring if they decide to give him a vote (if he gets a vote then I should definitely get one).

Gobert almost had a 20/20 game, but was one rebound short. 20/20 games are still relatively rare in the NBA, with Andre Drummond being the only other player who can be counted on for a few of them each year, so my question is: which Jazz player was stealing Rudy’s rebounds? You know he could average thirty a game if his teammates just let him have the rebounds. Unless Russell Westbrook who relies on his teammates to give up on rebounds just to average ten a game, Rudy averages ten a game easily even when his teammates steal rebounds from him.

Dear Joe Ingles: stop stealing Rudy’s rebounds.

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