Doug McDermott 21 Points Full Highlights (3/18/2017)

The Thunder traded for Doug McDermott to try and make up for their gigantic blunder of trading Ersan Ilyasova early in the season. I don’t know why they traded away one of their only outside shooting threats, but at least they saw the error of their ways and acquired a comparable white long-bomber.

At least, theoretically. McBuckets hasn’t been very good so far for the Thunder, shooting 30 percent from three with them (prior to tonight) and scoring at a career-low rate. Small sample size, sure, but he basically fits perfectly with what they are trying to do, so the transition should be smoother than this. Unless… maybe he just isn’t that good? The Bulls were priming him for a bigger role and he totally failed to deliver. Is it time to accept that he’ll never be the scorer everyone envisioned him to be coming out of college?

Nah. Not quite yet. Just watch this vid! 21 points is pretty good, 8 of 9 shooting is really good, and OKC fans are breathing a sigh of relief right now.

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