Robert Covington 24 Points Full Highlights (3/20/2017)

OFFICIAL DTB PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: While it may seem like Robert Covington is playing well this year, and in fact he probably is playing well this year, he is still not shooting over 40% from the field.

Defense is great. Steals are great. Rebounds are great too. But so is efficient shooting, and Covington is on pace for a third straight season of shooting below 40%. For those not in the know, 40% is the official demarcation line between having an acceptable field goal percentage and having a percentage that is unacceptable. For a small forward to shoot so poorly is not unprecedented, but it’s definitely not common, and it’s rare that such a player gets to be a full-time starter as Covington has been.

It’s too bad for Covington because his percentage on two-pointers has been going steadily up, but his three-point percentage has gone steadily down to compensate over his three seasons in Cheesesteak Land. Since most of his attempts are from three, it almost doesn’t matter what he does from inside the arc, and his true shooting is declining along with his three-point percentage.

Covington fanboys should feel free to show me Covington’s defensive metrics so that I can ignore them.

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