Rudy Gobert 16 Points/8 Blocks Full Highlights (3/20/2017)

8 is the most shots anyone has blocked in a game this season, tied with both of the Lopez bros. Whiteside is really slacking this year, apparently, because his name is nowhere to be found on this list of dudes who have blocked a lot of shots. That means Gobert, as of right now, is the undisputed champion of swatting shots in the NBA. And, according to me, was rightfully selected as an All-Star.

So, 8 blocks. That’s a lot! Sadly, the first two are really iffy, like I’m pretty sure he didn’t actually touch the ball on either of them. Maybe he grazed them, it’s hard to tell. Also the last one is kind of weird, like Monta Ellis just drove blindly into him and the ball slipped free. I would blame home-cooking for these, but this was in Indiana, and Indianan scorekeepers have no reason to make Gobert look like a shot-blocking beast.

The other 5 blocks are all good, don’t worry. And, in between rejecting all those field goal attempts, he made some of his own! That’s not the real point of this vid, though.

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