J.J. Redick 24 Points Full Highlights (3/21/2017)

J.J. Redick is still a great shooter from three (42.0% this year LMAO SMOKE IT), but after last-years mind-blowing 47.5% from three on over five attempts per game, the hype surrounding the league’s favorite white role player has diminished somewhat. If the Clippers were viewed as a legitimate contender, we would be seeing fawning articles about how Redick’s gravity stretches the defense or some stupid technical mumbo-jumbo like that, but the Clippers aren’t realistically going to compete for anything other than MAYBE a conference finals loss, so there’s less attention on Redick than he probably deserves.

Redick’s got one big payday coming left this summer, and ever since Kyle Korver proved that white three-point shooters are durable as heck, it’s not like teams are going to be scared off by his age. Fans might not get quite as hyped for a player who has reached his ceiling, but GM’s will value his veteran-ness and savviness and three-pointeriness and make sure that he has a comfortable retirement.

By the way, I am totally over the fact that we traded Tobes for a half-season rental of this guy and he wasn’t even good.

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