Tim Hardaway Jr. 29 Points Full Highlights (3/22/2017)

Man, I used to rag so hard on Tim Hardaway Jr. for not doing anything besides scoring. Back in my earlier, angrier days, where everyone was a bust and everyone sucked. I still kind of think those things, but I don’t type them out as much. NBA players have feelings to, and they, for the most part, are trying their best out there. Except for Larry Sanders. He can go suck rod.

Hardaway, after four years in the league, still doesn’t do much more than score. He passes sometimes, more than he did before, but that’s about the only addition to his game. And that’s okay. Not everyone can be well-rounded. Some players just aren’t destined to be anything more than spazzy microwave chuckers. Jamal Crawford made a whole career out of that playstyle. NBA teams need those kind of players just the same as they need specialists in other areas.

Also, Hardaway is a bust and he sucks and his teammates suck and he sucks bust suck busts.

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