Rudy Gobert 26 Points Full Highlights (3/25/2017)

It’s been a while since All-Star weekend, but it is still blowing my mind that Rudy Gobert was not selected to participate. Is it because he sometimes looks like an alien? Uh, that’s called discrimination, and it’s NOT okay in 2017. Aliens are people too.

Here we have yet another game where Rudy Gobert “have it all”, and not in the bad Monta Ellis way, but in the good way. He scores. He rebounds. He plays defense. Those are the three most important parts of NBA basketball, and he does them all at an elite level, but does anyone care? Jazz fans care, but only because they wish for some of Gobert’s glory to be reflected on the usually-ignored state of Utah. French people are too busy being French to care that one of their own is dominating a foreign league. Why is this?

Here’s my theory: Larry Sanders flaming out really soured people on elite rim protectors. Frickin’ Larry Sanders. God damn it. Always ruining everything for everyone.

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