Andre Iguodala 20 Points/3 Dunks Full Highlights (3/26/2017)

Andre Iguodala’s usage is the lowest it’s ever been, 10%, as he takes a back seat on this Warriors team. Even when he joined the Warriors initially, he always deferred to the team’s superstars, but the effect is more pronounced now, and the only reason he’s put up any stats this year at all is because of Kevin Durant’s injury. Also, it took a long time to get over the PTSD flashbacks he still struggles with after last year’s finals. Layups are a lot harder for Iggy now.

Iguodala understands that if he can keep his body intact and somewhat serviceable, he can ride out his career with the Warriors and have a chance to win a ring every single season. His largeish contract comes due this off-season and it seems likely to me that he’ll take a discount rather than chase big money somewhere else, money that might not materialize for a player of his age. I think everybody will be happy with that outcome except for Nuggets fans who still hate this guy’s guts.

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