Joe Ingles 19 Points Full Highlights (3/27/2017)

If you lined up every player in the NBA and asked random people off the street to pick the one guy who wasn’t actually an NBA player, 99% of people would pick Joe Ingles as the impostor. The other 1% would pick Tyler Ulis. But most people would look at The Big Didgeridoo’s flabby arms, hangdog face, and receding hairline and determine that he’s actually a paper pusher at some big corporate entity, and that the thing he looks forward to most in life is going to happy hour at Bojiminy’s Mexican-Irish Grille and Cantina after work.

Three-pointers I can deal with from Jinglin’ Joe. Anybody can shoot three-pointers when open. Ingles’ lack of muscle definition or any muscles at all doesn’t prevent him from doing that one thing. But he drove to the basket this game and managed not to get blocked by Dante Cunningham; that’s something I can’t really deal with right now. Somebody with legs that look like the average suburban dad’s shouldn’t be able to take any NBA player off the dribble. If I were an NBA player defending him I would take it as a personal insult every time he scored and if it happened too many times I would probably deck him.

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