J.J. Redick 25 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2017)

File this one under “J.J. Redick Classics”. Not because it was a particularly good game from J.J., but because it followed the formula that we’re so used to seeing from him: good first half (in this case, eighteen points), then disappears in the second half. Why? Why? Why? If J.J. could consistently recreate his outstanding first- and second-quarter performances in the third and fourth quarters, he would probably average 25 a game. But for some reason, his FG% drops from nearly 50% in the second quarter to 41% in the third quarter.

Is it because defenses adjust to him? Is it because his weak, frail body gets tired easily? Is it because Chris Paul hates him? Is it because Doc Rivers hates him? Is it because DeAndre Jordan’s screens get weaker after halftime? Does he not drink the Secret Stuff at halftime like everybody else? Does he brick shots on purpose so that he doesn’t have to play on a cursed team like the Clippers anymore? Does switching baskets make him confused? There are so many possible answers but none that we can conclude are correct.

The only thing we can conclude is that if you put J.J. on a team with a crappy offense that had no screeners in it and a subpar point guard running it, he would average 12 PPG on 32% from three. Because that’s what he did when he was in Milwaukee. I hope he keeps this in mind next free agency.

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