Bryn Forbes Career High 27 Points Full Highlights (4/7/2017)

Is now the time when we get mad at coach Pop for holding down Bryn Forbes the entire season? I know it’s not kosher to question Pop’s decisions because he’s one of the GOAT of all time coaches, but here’s a truth bomb for you: Bryn Forbes’ previous season high was eight. That’s right – he took his best game of the season up to this point and TRIPLED it. Keep in mind, this is a guy who hasn’t yet qualified for a DTB highlight video, and now he’s going out and putting up 27/5. And he was prevented from doing it earlier because a well-respected coach who has hideous acne scarring decided that he didn’t deserve legit rotation minutes.

My head hurts and I might have just had a series of like four mini-strokes. 27 points. Bryn Forbes. Does not compute.

Here’s another truth bomb since I know you guys crave them: I didn’t really know what Bryn Forbes looked like before I made this video. I had gotten glimpses of him while making highlights of other Spurs players, but I had never really, like, LOOKED at him. I didn’t expect him to look so…Asian.

So, back to Pop. He certainly knows more than I do when it comes to his own players, so I’ll assume that Forbes hadn’t ever really shown any ability to play this well until tonight. Rookies rarely look good out of the gate. Spending an entire season with high-quality teammates and high-quality coaching has probably transformed him from “unplayable” to “playable in certain situations”. Now his status has been upgraded to “usually playable”, but we’ll see if Pop actually pays attention to the statuses I’ve assigned to Forbes. Something tells me that he’s not a regular visitor to my channel.

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