Ricky Rubio 26 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (4/7/2017)

Is there anyone on earth who cares that Ricky Rubio has now made 50 consecutive technical free-throws? I’m a pretty big stat-fiend, but I find that that particular stat doesn’t interest me at all. Come back to me when he challenges Micheal Williams’s consecutive free-throws record. That’s a lame one too, but at least it’s not arbitrarily restricted to only free-throws where he’s standing by himself instead of surrounded by players.

How do they even come up with stats like that anyway? I’m imagining some poor intern sitting in front of a 70’s-looking computer terminal typing arcane commands into some impenetrable database. Second question: can I be that intern? I promise that if the NBA hires me that I’ll find the sweetest stats, none of this hokey crap. Only primo stats will be the results of my deft querying abilities.

Anyway, Rubio has made a bunch of technical free-throws, but the more important thing is that he had ANOTHER sick game, scoring 26 points and assisting 12 more buckets. This keeps happening. Every other game, he puts up some gnarly stats, either passing or shooting. His midrange pull-up is turning into his patented move, almost as effective as Kareem’s sky-hook at this point.

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