Nicolas Brussino 11 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (4/9/2017)

Nicolas Brussino has certainly showed some flashes of skill in his rookie season. He can shoot sometimes and lately he’s been passing a little bit too. He went undrafted just like me so there weren’t a ton of expectations placed on him, other than me expecting that he would be the next Carlos Delfino on day one (I think the Bucks are still paying him).

Normally I would say that he hasn’t shown enough to guarantee a spot in the league next year (hit shooting percentages are really not good at all), but the Mavericks have him on a cheap contract for the next two seasons if they want him, so I’m guessing that he’s at least on the team come October. He did shoot ten three-pointers this game (making two of them), so he’s definitely attempting enough threes to become the next Carlos Delfino if they just develop him a little bit more. With his emergent passing, you could also compare him to Manu Ginobili minus the bald spot, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He should at least reach Andres Nocioni levels before we bring up the best Argentine baller of all time (of all time).

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