Tyler Johnson 24 Points Full Highlights (4/10/2017)

I’ve gotta say that Tyler Johnson’s new facial hair is the most abominable thing I have ever seen while making highlight videos. It’s the textbook definition of a neckbeard: patchy, unkempt, and just absolutely gross. He might be trying to grow one of those hip manly beards that he sees everybody sporting these days, but the key to those hip beards is to not just let the hair grow all over your face. You have to maintain it and shape it in some way.

Serious question: did he shave off all the hair on the front of his face to create a “neckstrap” look on purpose or does the front of his face just not grow hair? If it’s the second option, I just feel pity for him, but if it’s the first option, then you have to question why somebody with such an obvious lack of judgement would get such a large contract in the NBA.

I will concede that if this disgusting neckbeard is what allowed Johnson to be so clutch, then he should keep it, and I’ll just try to look away from it when tasked with making highlights of him.

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