Gorgui Dieng 19 Points Full Highlights (4/11/2017)

How do the words “Gorgui Dieng 82-game starter” sound to you? Pretty darn good, right? Here’s the deal: all the Timberwolves have to do in their last game is start Gorgui Dieng at PG or one of the other four positions and that sentence will become reality. It’ll be like that time Alonzo Gee started all 82 while not even really doing anything on the court. Dieng isn’t at that level of nothingness, but he hasn’t put up very many big games this season.

I admit, I’ve kind of ignored Dieng this year. In my defense, I think it’s because I have an inflated view of how good he is, so when he scores 19 or 20 or whatever I think to myself “well, that’s not worth it, because he can easily score 25”. Turns out, his season-high this year is 21. Oops! As soon as they invent a time machine that is available for a decent price, I’m gonna head right back to this NBA season and do all the Dieng highlights that are reasonable. I’m also gonna rewrite this description so people don’t get suspicious.

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