Shabazz Muhammad 22 Points Full Highlights (4/12/2017)

Good news Timberwolves fans! This was possibly your last time seeing Shabazz Muhammad in a Timberwolves jersey! If everything goes right during the offseason, you won’t have to watch him not pass the ball ever again. Well, you’ll still have to watch him whenever the team that signs him next plays Minnesota, but that’s doable. I have to watch Monta Ellis sometimes, and I do alright. Most of the time I don’t even throw things at the TV.

Muhammad, as I’ve stated probably a million times by now, is a fairly talented scorer, but his tunnel vision makes him frustrating to watch. The NBA as a whole is moving away from one-dimensional scorers, and he is as one-dimensional as they come. Minnesota might opt to retain him, but if they don’t, there are probably a few teams who will look at his scoring and target him to bolster their bench. How’s that for hard-hitting commentary? Just repeat a bunch of obvious stuff and call it a day, I’m running on fumes right now.

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