JaVale McGee 15 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (4/19/2017)

It’s too bad that Draymond Green is so adept at filling in at the center position, and it’s also too bad that Zaza Pachulia still exists and isn’t dead, because both those things are preventing JaVale McGee from getting as many minutes as we all want. He still has yet to play over twenty minutes in a game this season.

I get that Steve Kerr is a genius who can never be questioned. I also get that McGee is at his best when he’s not asked to do too much, and that giving him more minutes would be implicitly assigning him a larger role in the offense. But if he can get, like, fifty lobs in the thirteen minutes he played and convert on all of them, wouldn’t you want to try playing him for, like, thirty minutes just to see how many lobs he would catch? Sometimes entertaining the fans has to come before putting out your best lineups. If you’re the Warriors, you don’t even need to worry about your lineups because all of them are awsome, so it’s pretty much the perfect situation to give JaVale hella minutes and watch him spaz out. Yet we are being denied this opportunity.

Does anybody know how to start one of those online petitions? When we get enough signatures we can send it to Trump and he can send the FBI to arrest Steve Kerr until JaVale gets enough playoff minutes to average ten dunks a game.

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