Luc Richard Mbah a Moute 15 Points Full Highlights (4/21/2017)

Everybody (including me) gets on the Clippers’ case for consistently failing to acquire any kind of decent small forward to compliment their Paul/Redick/Griffin/Jordan core (a core which might not be around next season). And it’s true that the acquisitions of Wesley Johnson (LOL [lots of laughs]), Paul Pierce, and Alan Anderson haven’t really paid off for them. But Luc Richard Mbah a Moute is, in some ways, the perfect low-volume wing to pair with those guys. He can pick up tough defensive assignments. He doesn’t need the ball in his hands to make an impact. He won’t take away shots from better players who deserve those shots more. He just slots right in.

All that gooey feel-good garbage aside, Mbah a Moute is not a scorer and has never been a scorer. Since scoring is the most important part of basketball, his value will never be as high as it could be. Imagine if he was like a Paul George lite, pairing a versatile offensive game with a lockdown defensive game (just keep pretending with me that George is still an elite defender). Wouldn’t that be an awesome player to have? Sadly, since Mbah a Moute has no handles, and thus no driving game, and he also doesn’t have much of a jumper, he will forever hinder you on offense. He won’t ever be Paul George lite.

I will say this, however. Mbah a Moute is about 100 times better than Wesley Johnson. And he’s about 1000 times better than Jeff Green. Also I’m sorry that Mbah a Moute scored fifteen exactly three other times this season but I only made highlights for one of those times. Sorry. Sorry.

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