JaVale McGee 14 Points/4 Dunks Full Highlights (4/22/2017)

It was looking like the Blazers had a good chance to beat the Warriors when they led by thirteen at halftime, but it just wasn’t meant to be. That’s okay, because the Warriors were without Durant for the second straight game, so the win wouldn’t have counted anyway. Meanwhile, the Warriors’ win counts 100% because Jusuf Nurkic was back for the Blazers.

I don’t remember if JaVale Mcgee and Jusuf Nurkic ever went head to head this game, but if they did, that would be a hilarious juxtaposition of two very different styles of center: one high-flying dunk machine who will turn it over ten times before getting an assist, and a landbound bruiser with passing and jumpshooting ability. The Blazers are still missing Ed Davis, who tore his labrum a while ago (I don’t know what a labrum is), so they don’t really have an answer to JaVale’s superior lob-catching ability. Luckily, JaVale has asthma issues which prevent him from playing big minutes, or this series would be more over than it already is.

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