Gerald Green 18 Points Full Highlights (4/23/2017)

These highlights are pretty good. Gerald Green, 18 points, a playoff career high? He even dunked it in this one, which is kind of weird since he barely dunked at all during the regular season. Yup, all in all, a pretty damn solid highlights package.

But I’m thinking about how much more hyped I would be if it was Treveon Graham of the Charlotte Hornets scoring these 18 points in the playoffs, and it just makes this vid seem kind of lame. Imagine, Graham hitting a bunch of threes while the commentators go ballistic, maybe the last one Mike Breen does his “BANG!” thing, wouldn’t that be the sweetest thing ever? Obviously, it wouldn’t be: Graham scoring 20 would be even sweeter. God, I would be so hyped for that, and so would you I bet.

Too bad the Hornets had to choke really bad in close games this season, otherwise maybe we’d be seeing Green’s 18 vs. Graham’s 18. The national television audience would lap that stuff up so eagerly it would be pathetic. Forget about Harden vs. Westbrook, everybody. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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