Steven Adams 18 Points/3 Blocks/3 Missed Free Throws Full Highlights (4/23/2017)

For a while now I’ve been pondering a possible new feature of my channel: showing missed free throws in addition to the made ones. I might not do it for every player, but it’s definitely been tempting when it comes to big men with well-known woes at the free-throw line. What better way to get them to shape up than by tainting their otherwise positive highlight videos with the embarrasing negativity of missed free throws? DownToBuck has never been happy with the prevailing highlight paradigms of the time. He is always pushing forward in technique, innovating in content, and challenging the mainstream perception of NBA highlight videos.

Consider this video a test run of my new format. I didn’t include every free throw that Adams missed, but I included a very important one at the end of the video. Let this be a lesson to NBA big men: start making your free throws or you will be mocked in my highlight videos just like young Mr. Adams here.

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