Cory Joseph 20 Points/12 Assists Full Highlights (5/7/2017)

Wow, turns out that the Raptors don’t even need Kyle Lowry to lose to the Cavaliers. I don’t see any point in re-signing him in free agency if his presence isn’t going to make a difference when they eventually run into LeBron and company. Just roll with the suddenly-semi-competent Cory Joseph as the starter and use Delon Wright (underrated!) as the backup. Save some money, maybe ruin the entire chemistry of the team, who cares? The NBA is a business.

Actually, do the Raptors even need a PG? They’re one of the worst passing teams in the league even with an All-Star manning the position. Why shouldn’t they embrace their identity entirely and forget about having someone who even pretends to want to pass in the starting lineup? Go out and get Lou Williams or some other midget chucker and go full ISO-ball. Ball movement is SO five years ago. The Raptors can be the ones to bring back one-on-one streetball on every possession, and they can show that they can win with it.

I’ve talked myself into this idea pretty hard.

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