Kyle Korver 18 Points Full Highlights (5/7/2017)


The Cavaliers keep winning. Can you expect people to keep tuning in when the outcome of all these games/series are are already determined? The whole point of watching sports is the idea that it is something unscripted, something brand new, something exciting. Sure, the Raptors made this one kind of close, but was there any doubt that, when it came down to it, LeBron wasn’t just going to slap DeMar DeRozan in the face with his nads and walk away with the sweep? No. There wasn’t.

The promise of Kyle Korver having a 30-point playoff game added a bit of excitement to these otherwise lackluster proceedings, but even that fell way short. He had 16 points in the second quarter, and then… nothing. Nothing but two garbage free throws with 18 seconds left in the game. I guess that’s what you get with Korver, where if defenses decide he’s not going to shoot then he’s not going to shoot, but still. He even totally bricked a wide open corner three at one point, which is unacceptable to me and will definitely be unacceptable to LeBron.

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