Davis Bertans 13 Points Full Highlights (5/16/2017)

I won’t even apologize for the short runtime of this video because there was nothing I could do about it. Nothing. Davis Bertans made four shots and two free throws. With no replays or other extraneous material, that amount of shots will never result in a video of acceptable length. If I wanted to toss away all my integrity, I could have included the non-shooting foul that put Bertans at the line, but I’m not going to break my own rules just to pad out the video length. My integrity remains intact.

Forgoing the creation of this video was also not an option. The Bertman was the Spurs’ second-leading scorer with his thirteen points. He somehow outplayed (or at least outscored) both Aldridge and Gasol. If Kawhi isn’t back for game three, the plan should be to spam Bertans three-pointers, because he’s the one player on the Spurs who could go toe-to-toe with any of the Warriors in terms of splashing long-range shots. It probably wouldn’t work, but you know what else doesn’t work? LaMarcus Aldridge being passive and weak while Pau Gasol makes funny faces in the background.

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