Jonathon Simmons 22 Points Full Highlights (5/16/2017)

Jonathon Simmons was on his knees next to his hotel bed, eyes closed and hands pressed together in prayer. “Please Lord, I don’t know what the purpose of these trials are, but give me guidance in this time of doubt,” he mumbled to the empty room. All of a sudden, as in response to this plea, a bright flash appeared through his eyelids, and he opened his eyes.

Kawhi Leonard was floating above his bed. But it wasn’t quite Kawhi – he was transparent and he had a halo around his head. “Did you die?” Jonathon asked his ghostly teammate.

“No. But I heard your prayer,” Kawhi responded softly.

Jonathon furrowed his eyebrows. “I thought I said ‘Lord’ at the beginning.”

“You did.”

This response confused Jonathon even more. “So, you’re still alive, but your spirit heard my prayer and came to visit me?”

“Yes,” replied Kawhi, whose “body” was bobbing up and down gently.

“So, do you have any advice for me?” Jonathon asked.

“Indubitably,” Kawhi answered, chuckling to himself for using the unnecessarily fancy word. “You’ll have to look for your own shot, Jonathon. Everybody else will wither under the pressure, but you…you must raise yourself up in response to these challenges.”

Jonathon nodded. “Cool. I can do that. Anything else?”

Kawhi thought for a few seconds before responding. “Yeah. One more thing. Watch out for Zaza. He likes to run under people when they shoot.”

And then Kawhi was gone.

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