Patrick McCaw 18 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (5/16/2017)

Even if you removed all of Patrick McCaw’s points from Golden State’s total, AND all the points that were the result of his assists, the Warriors still would have won this game. That’s how much of a beating it was for San Antonio. Does that fact lessen McCaw’s significant accomplishments? Kinda. It’s a well-known rule that garbage time stats only count for 75% of regular stats once the totals are tabulated at the end of the regular season. So McCaw’s 18/5 was equivalent to 13/4, because all of stats were accumulated from the second quarter onward, and by the second quarter the game was already over.

Still, I’m happy for McCaw, and the fact that the Bucks sold his pick for cash to the Warriors in no way makes me want to die. I’m perfectly content to continue being alive in a world where a rookie drafted in the second round can make significant contributions to a playoff team and my favorite team just didn’t even try to get him because they wanted more money to wipe their butts with or something.

I don’t think the Warriors are light-years ahead. I just think every other team is light-years behind.

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