Tristan Thompson 20 Points Full Highlights (5/17/2017)

The worst thing about this season, in my opinion, was that Matthew Dellavedova was not on the Cavaliers anymore to throw lobs to Tristan “Triscuits” Thompson. That was like the most consistent PG-to-big lob connection in the league since Andre Miller and JaVale McGee, and it got destroyed soon after it was formed. Dellavedova is now on the Bucks throwing lobs to nobody, and Triscuits has to catch lobs from other sources. Life is so cruel. Excuse me while I weep bitterly.

Okay, I’m back from weeping. Thompson had an excellent game to start the Eastern Conference Finals, showing all the haters that he might be overpaid but he’s not THAT overpaid. Twenty points is actually his second-highest total of the season, and he would have eclipsed his season-high of 22 if he could have just made a few more of this free throws. I still don’t think that there’s anybody out there who is legitimately excited about the awkward, unaesthetic quality of Thompson’s game, but there are definitely a lot of bandwagon Cavs fans who pretend to be excited about him because they think it makes them truer fans.

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