Kyle Anderson Career High 20 Points Full Highlights (5/22/2017)

A new NBA fan, whose only knowledge of Kyle Anderson is that he scored twenty points for the Spurs in the last game of a sweep (and that he has an infinite forehead), would be surprised to learn that this is only the sixth double-digit scoring game for Anderson in his career. Apparently, the key to unlocking his inner scoring beast is to set your team up for a sweep in the playoffs by injuring your best player. If the Spurs did that every game, we might have seen a little more life out of Anderson in the regular season.

I can already tell that this highlight video will become the quintessential highlights package for young Mr. Anderson. It has everything that we’ve come to expect from the guy lovingly nicknamed “Slo-mo”: layups, jumpers, freakishly gigantic foreheads, a three-pointer, and even a slow-moving dunk. Not only does it have all these things, it has these things in greater quantity than was ever possible before.

Let me put it another way: if you don’t get hyped while watching Anderson’s sluggish scoring display in this video, you probably don’t have a soul.

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