Avery Bradley 23 Points Full Highlights (5/25/2017)

Here’s a fun fact: Avery Bradley tied or exceeded Al Horford in every statistical category last night: points (23 vs. 8), rebounds (4 vs. 3 LOL [lots of laughs]), assists (1 vs 1.), steals and blocks (0 vs. 0), and free throws (1 vs. 0). He laso recorded fewer turnovers (2 vs. 3) and fouls (1 vs. 3). It’s likely that Bradley contributed more on the defensive end as well, but I don’t care about defense, so I can’t comment on that. In any case, the stats bear out that it was Al Horford’s fault that the Celtics performed so weakly in an elimination game, and that Bradley did everything he could to drag his team to a possible game 6.

So it is also Al Horford who I will blame for ruining my weekend. Memorial Day weekend here in the States is all about two things: eating picnic food and watching the conference finals on TV. Now I only get to do one of those things, but I’m so depressed that I probably won’t even eat any picnic food. At best I might buy a gallon tub of potato salad from the grocery store and eat it with a spatula while watching HBO. At worst I’ll crawl into my closet and play the “casket game”, where I pretend that I’m dead and in a casket. My record for the casket game is 35 hours but I feel like I might be able to beat that this weekend since there won’t be any NBA to watch.

Thanks Al Horford.

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