Clint Capela 22 Points Full Highlights (10/18/2017)

One thing I noticed in the Rockets opener was that Chris Paul wasn’t getting Clint Capela involved. I think he passed it to him, like, two times? It’s not like Paul doesn’t have experience getting offensively-compromised centers the ball in places where they can do something with it (you know who I’m thinking of: Cole Aldrich!). There must be something else at play, then. Like… CP3 HATES Capela and RESENTS his deep lob connection with Harden!

Luckily for us, Paul has gotten himself injured, again, and we can enjoy primo Harden-to-Capela lobs without some malcontent hogging the ball and flopping all over the place. I think I’m going to amend the video title to read “Clint Capela 22 Points/0 Chris Pauls Full Highlights (10/18/2017)”, because that is what most accurately depicts what went on in this video.

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