Tobias Harris 27 Points Full Highlights (10/18/2017)

Is it possible that, somehow, Tobias Harris’ game got even smoother over the offseason? He dominated the Hornets tonight and didn’t look like he was even trying. Calm jumper after calm jumper, hitting nothing but twine. He’s always had a nice game, even as a rookie, but he was on another level of aesthetics here.

I had high hopes after he scored 17 in the first quarter, “high” as in like 35 points or something, so these 27 actually represent a bit of a disappointment. The first quarter is when you want to do most of your damage, true, but third-quarter damage is underrated, and there is a lack of it here. Is there some way to blame Reggie Jackson? I bet it’s Reggie Jackson’s fault. Do Pistons fans even still hate him? Or is there a new scapegoat for why the Pistons are going to be a middling team again?

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