Otto Porter 28 Points Full Highlights (10/20/2017)

It took a long time for the commentators in this game to acknowledge that Otto Porter was putting together a great offensive performance. Like, the whole first half went by, a first half were Otto-man had 20 points, without even a peep from them. I thought maybe the departure of that Chenier guy would lead to a slightly more talkative broadcast from the Wizards, but no.

Eventually, after Porter hit two quick threes in the second half, they finally realized what was going on and got a little excited. 26 points with over 20 minutes to go in the game usually means at least 35; Porter seemed content to not shoot the ball again, and scored only two more free throws to give him 28. 28 is really good, especially for a role-player (a max-contract role-player, no less). But I can’t be the only one who was expecting more.

I don’t blame you if the disappointment you felt while watching the little PTS number next to his name boxscore fail to increase for a huge chunk of the game leads you to not watch this video.

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