Serge Ibaka 21 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (10/21/2017)

I know that this is a Serge Ibaka video and I’m supposed to write a description about Serge Ibaka. But I don’t want to write about Serge Ibaka. I want to write about Raptors commentator Matt Devlin and how he turns every made three-pointer into a geography quiz.

We get it, dude. You know the names of every suburb of Toronto (and there are a lot of them, their housing bubble makes America’s housing bubble look like straight sewer trash). You don’t have to make the rest of us feel dumb for not knowing what any of the places you name are. Hamilton, okay, that one’s fair because it’s a pretty big place even if it’s like fifty miles from the actual city of Toronto. But where’s “North Bay”? Where’s “Colberg” (sp?)? I bet the people in Toronto don’t know where half of these places are. Heck, half the time I can’t even name more than two Wisconsin cities without getting frustrated and angry at my incompetence.

Bringing this back to Ibaka, this is all Ibaka’s fault because he’s not supposed to be the guy who makes five three-pointers in a game. I wouldn’t be so annoyed by Matt Devlin’s geographical superiority if Ibaka had only made one or two three-pointers like he was supposed to.

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