Tobias Harris 31 Points Full Highlights (10/21/2017)

You know, it took me a few years, but I had finally gotten over my infatuation and accepted that Tobias Harris was just a guy. Not any special type of player, just a decent scorer and much else. I was, finally, at peace with the Bucks trading him for Gustavo Ayon. A bad deal for sure, but nothing I couldn’t live with for the rest of my days.

And now he comes out like gangbusters to start the season? I’m starting to feel doubt creep back into my mind. Maybe Tobey Bear is more than just a decent scorer. Maybe he’s a good scorer? A great scorer? He’s averaging 24 points per game on the season now. I don’t know what to think anymore, I thought he had reached his peak in the NBA and now it turns out his peak is prime Adrian Dantley.

Gustavo Ayon isn’t even in the league anymore, in case you weren’t aware.

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