Jordan Clarkson 24 Points Full Highlights (10/22/2017)

I don’t even know if Jordan Clarkson is considered by the fanbase to be part of the team’s future. I would think he might be tainted by his association with a failed era of Lakers basketball, but he’s also a fine scorer, and most teams are looking to fill their rosters with fine scorers. So I’m going to ask Lakers fans directly: is Jordan Clarkson part of the team’s plans going forward?

Clarkson has some Kobe tendencies in that he doesn’t always take the best-quality shots, but that’s another thing where I’m not even sure if that’s a strike for or against him. The Lakers would definitely say yes to having another Kobe, but they would also say yes to having an offense where the ball moves around and everybody takes good shots. Another thing they would say yes to is strapping Julius Randle to the next space-bound rocket and blast him into orbit so he can go away forever.

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