Steven Adams 17 points Full Highlights (10/22/2017)

In each of the first four years that Steven Adams was in the league, he became more and more intimidating, both physically and visually. His rookie year, he had short hair and a leaner build that was relatively untattooed, but by year four he was rocking the long hair and there were some huge tats adorning his well-muscled arms.

However, between last season and this season, I’m not seeing much of a difference. I was expecting to see a Steven Adams with free-flowing hair down to his nipples, a full-body tattoo design, a beard that makes Santa Claus look like a bitch, and bulging muscles straight out of the pages of Steroid Weekly. What’s going on here? How is his game going to keep improving if his body doesn’t improve along with it, both from a functional and aesthetic perspective?

I would demand a refund, but it turns out I never actually paid for the privilege of gazing upon Adams’ body. I think I’m going to send him a check for a hundred bucks and then demand that he send it back to me because paying customers should never be treated like this.

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