Danny Green 17 Points/5 Blocks Full Highlights (10/23/2017)

Official video title that YouTube wouldn’t let me have because of their oppressive corporate practices that are antithetical to functioning democracy: Danny Green 17 Points/4 Blocks/1 Strip That Should Never Ever Count As A Block Because The Ball Didn’t Even Get Above DeRozan’s Nuts Full Highlights (10/23/2017)”. YouTube is censoring my opinion, and I don’t like it! What happened to freedom of speech? Where is it? Because I don’t see it anywhere around here, no sir. Not on these servers. The fact of the matter is this: the shady people behind YouTube think that a “block” can occur when the ball is below eye level, and they want to enforce conformity of opinion.

I am shaking right now. Our children’s minds are being polluted with filth, filth in the form of wrong ideas about what constitutes a blocked shot in the NBA and what doesn’t. 1984 is real, people. It’s real and it’s happening right now.

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