Johnny O’Bryant 14 Points Full Highlights (10/23/2017)

Johnny “Irish Kobe” O’Bryant makes his long-awaited return to Brew City, this time donning the Hornets’ teal and purple. In a performance fueled by a deep-seated desire for revenge, he torches his former team to the tune of 14 points and 2 big middle fingers.

There are a lot of players who I wish the Bucks hadn’t gotten rid of (what is Damir Markota up to these days?), but JOB isn’t one of them. Him and his plodding tree-trunk legs just didn’t fit in with what the Bucks were doing, so he was gone. I’m happy that he’s somehow finding success elsewhere, though. If a fanbase can find enjoyment in his mechanical jumper and lack of finishing ability, that’s super great for them. I’ll be over here enjoying D.J. Wilson, thank you very much.

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