Josh Richardson 21 Points Full Highlights (10/23/2017)

Josh Richardson played extremely well as a rookie, then, with an increased role in his second year, his raw totals went up but his efficiency went down. Despite dropping from 45% shooting to 39% shooting, the Heat gave him a fat extension that sees him receiving a cool ten million per year until 2022. That’s because, as any Heat fan will tell you, Pat Riley treats his players right unless their name is Dwyane Wade. The Heat decided to show confidence in their young stud shooting guard (small forward?) and it’s paying dividends early in the season.

Side note: I don’t understand any stat other than shooting percentages. PER means nothing to me. What are win shares? Why would you have to share wins anyway? What is box plus/minus? Does it have to do with points per game? Richardson’s currently at 14 points per game on 47% shooting, which are both the highest of his career, so that’s something I can understand without getting confused. Nobody try to explain those other stats to me, I’ll just get angry.

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