Jaylen Brown 23 Points Full Highlights (10/24/2017)

Jaylen Brown should be sending Gordon Hayward a card. Actually, two cards. One of them should be a get-well card because obviously he wants Hayward to get well soon and to come back to the court as strong as ever. But the other card he sends should be a thank-you card to Hayward for getting injured and freeing up a bunch of minutes in the rotation for Jaylen to take. The handwritten note in the card should read something like “Thank you for blowing up your ankle so I can score almost twenty points per game, even though it would have been better if your ankle never exploded in the first place”.

The simply truest fact is this: if Gordon Hayward was still alive and not decomposing in a desolate hospital bed somewhere, Brown would not be averaging eighteen points per game. He might be averaging eight or ten. Brown also would not be getting 34 minutes per game. He would definitely be in the rotation if Hayward were present, but he would be a much smaller part of it. Those are no facts truer than the facts I just listed above.

So, if Gordon Hayward did not receive exactly two cards from Jaylen Brown, then Jaylen Brown needs a lesson from Miss Manners in terms of card-sending etiquette.

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