James Johnson 21 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

James Johnson is one of those guys who starts off the season looking skinny and in-shape, but by the end of the season they’re tubby again. The strict training regimen of the summer and pre-season gives way thanks to the hectic schedule of an NBA season. I suppose it’s better than showing up fat and hoping to play your way back into shape, but I would like to see Johnson go an entire season looking svelte and trim.

I know it’s hard when there are Popeye’s in nearly every NBA city preying on your weakness for greasy fried foods and room service is more than happy to send five orders of buffalo wings up to your room for a snack. If I traveled with an NBA team as a young up-and-coming video analyst/content maker (hint hint HINT HINT HINT PLEASE OH GOD HINT), I would come out of the experience looking like a lumpy balloon with two droopy balloons attached to the front (the two balloons being my moobs).

One other thing: why does Johnson have neck tattoos that make it look like his beard is melting? Was that a conscious design decision or was it an accident? He looks like a Halloween costume.

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