Malik Monk 17 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

If there’s one thing that Malik Monk is really good at, it’s shooting the ball. Not necessarily making the ball, but shooting it, that’s one thing he can hang his hat on. That’s a skill that doesn’t go away.

Unfortunately, these days it seems teams are looking more for shot-makers rather than shot-takers. Something about advanced stats I think, which is total bull-poo in my opinion. What happened to watching the game with your eyeballs instead of growing dependant on arbitrary stats like “field-goal percentage” and “rebounds”? I swear I was born a couple decades too late to truly enjoy the NBA. Thumbs up if you agree.

Monk is still getting his chances despite not fitting in with the current NBA zeitgeist. He’s a rookie, the Hornets spent a decent pick on him, and they’re gonna make it work. And tonight, it did work. Monk had his best offensive game by far, scoring 17 points and looking confident doing it. Not like confidence was ever going to be a problem for him.

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