Tobias Harris Career High 34 Points Full Highlights (10/25/2017)

One of the excuses offered up for why Pistons fans don’t seem to want to attend games at their shiny new arena is that there aren’t any exciting players for them to watch when they get year. I say to that: HOOEY! TOTAL HOOEY! That may have been true last year, but things have changed in Michigan-land: Tobias Harris is now officially a beast and probably better than Carmelo Anthony. How is that not exciting? It isn’t. It isn’t not exciting.

All those Pistons “fans” who were content to watch the games from the comfort of their homes on a big flat screen TV where you can see everything going on in super-crisp detail and don’t have to pay outrageous sums for crappy concessions and don’t have to drive half an hour or more just to get to the arena never mind parking only to get hassled by ticket scalpers, well you can go screw off. Real fans are enjoying the Tobias Harris show live and in person, and you are missing out.

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